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Pressed Flowers & Photographs

Hello! We’re so excited about this weeks blog post, we’ve spent a lot of time recently pressing flowers & seeing how we can incorporate them nicely with photographs. Here’s a little D.I.Y & step by step on how you can do the same too!

We started by picking out some flowers that we loved & pressing them, we done this by sandwiching them between two sheets of standard paper & then placing them between a heavy book. We left ours to press for around a week or so!

We had these frames in stock already & we thought they were just perfect for this post! We also used standard wooden frames so whatever you have spare is perfect.

We then sourced some vintage & retro style photograph’s to transform! I wanted to find an image with someone holding their hand out so we could place flowers into it & I think it worked perfectly! We then started by laying out our flowers on top of the photos & seeing what looked best!

For the gold frames we didn’t have to secure the flowers onto the photograph as the frame held them in place, if you have a wooden frame we would recommend fixing your flowers onto the photograph with a tiny bit of hot glue! We used this on the B&W image & it worked a treat! When we were happy  with the layout of the flowers we simply transferred everything into the frame.

What do you think of this D.I.Y? We hope you love it! We found that this was such a simple & easy way to jazz up a photo with going to too much hassle or expense! We hope everyone goes rummaging in their gardens to find beautiful flowers to try this with! If you do be sure to send us on some photos as we would love to see your creations!

The Bigger Blog Team xo

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