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Film Canister Fairy Lights

Hello! We’re super excited to begin another year here at The Bigger Blog, we’ve so many new ideas & crafts to share with you! First on our list is this D.I.Y from bigger blogger Alan, where he made these old film canisters into quirky fairy lights.

What you’ll need:

- Fairy Lights

- Empty Film Canisters

- Hammer

- Bottle Opener

- Hot Glue Gun

Firstly, you have to remove the rim of the canister with the bottle opener & pull out all the contents of the canister. Do all your canisters at the start before you begin gluing them to the string of lights! If you don’t have any empty canisters at home, be sure to pop in store as we have lots!

Secondly, you must replace the rim of the spool, do this by hammering it back into place! Tip: Maybe grab a few extra canisters in case the plastic cracks when hammering!

Once the rim of the spool has been replaced you must insert a fairy light into the film canister. Once this is done you can secure it into place using a hot glue gun & leave to dry fully! Repeat this step until you have glued all of the lights into place!

We just how these look! These are super simple and easy to make so we hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Did you try this at home? Let us know what you think! & if you did try it be sure to send us in some pics we’d love to see them!

The Bigger Blog Team xo

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