Film Processing & Scanning

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We are still processing all types of film during Lockdown.

C-41 Colour Negative films will be processed twice a week, on Tuesdays & Fridays

B&W and E6 will be processed dependant upon volumes & demand, but normally once a week.

Film can be sent by post to our Macroom shop or dropped off in our post box in Cork & Clonakilty

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Colour Films are all processed with Fujifilm chemistry. We work with an FP232 using CN-16 chemistry that is solid, reliable and flawless.



Since our goal is to deliver the best quality to our clients we perform weekly control checks on our machines and chemicals in order to make sure we get the best out of your rolls. More than 10,000 rolls have already been immersed in our chemistry and came out beautifully developed.


35mm & 120





We are proud to add this service to our arsenal. We are the only Photolab in the Republic Of Ireland to offer E-6 processing.

All E-6 is processed by our trained lab technicians using a rotary drum method to ensure consistent high quality results time after time.

35mm & 120

All B&W film processing is done in-store, and all films are hand processed, giving you the very best results that we can deliver

Ilford ID-11 is our main player when it comes to B&W, a versatile all round developer, returning fine grain and excellent tonal quality over a wide range of manufacturers film.

We never use the same chemistry twice, so we guarantee your film will swim in fresh chemistry every single time.

35mm & 120



All our scans are done using a FUJIFILM SP-3000 scanner.

We offer a complete scan to print, and scan to file service, ranging in scan sizes from 6x4 up to a massive 18x12 @300dpi.

Scans can be saved in either jpeg or TIFF formats, offering you the widest choice for your images.

We also offer a file transfer service using  WeTransfer

35mm, 120, APS,